The LabelMyPix mobile app provides busy professionals a SIMPLE way to AUTOMATICALLY add user-defined text labels to photos AND add label info to the photo filename in ONE SIMPLE STEP. With LabelMyPix app you create labeled and properly named photos to share with your team and/or customers IMMEDIATELY!


LabelMyPix is ideal for: Engineers - Project Managers - Construction Managers - Realtors - Inspectors - Auditors - Other Professionals

  • Do you take a lot of photos of projects to submit to your team and/or customers?

  • Do you find yourself using sticky notes or taking photos for reference so you know what a group of pictures represent?

  • Do you spend too much time adding labels and renaming photos before you can send them out?

  • If you are a home inspector or insurance adjuster, would it be helpful to have the address, area, policy number, and other pertinent information automatically added to house or claim photos ?

  • LabelMyPix is the solution!
    Install the LabelMyPix app to automatically add user-defined text labels to your photos and add the label info to your photo filenames. After taking photos, you or your employees can immediately email, download, or share on Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or other similar services.

    What else can it do?
    We know that many times a reference photo must be taken (or a sticky notes used....) to categorize sets of photos as you move through different parts of a project. LabelMyPix allows you to change the label as you move from area to area without taking reference photos (or wasting sticky notes). You also have the option to not add a label to a photo, but LabelMyPix still automatically adds label information to the filename.

    How does it work?
    Let's say you want to automatically put the label “Progress 123 North Street” on construction photos to send to your customer for a weekly progress report.
  • First, using a simple setup screen, enter “Progress 123 North Street” as the Label Prefix.

  • Then choose whether or not you want to add the Label Suffix, which automatically numbers each photo in increments from 001 to 999.

  • Start taking photos. LabelMyPix will automatically add the Label Prefix and the optional Label Suffix to the end of filename (example LabelMyPix_20160707_191633_Progress 123 North Street_001). Each photo is also stamped with the date (yyyymmdd) and time (hhmmss).

    Why is it better?
    The automatic LabelMyPix file-naming feature is superior to the typical DSC_, IMG or date format, because it describes the photo using the information that matters to you. You don’t have to manually rename each file or use a bulk renaming tool on a computer, because your pictures are automatically labeled on your mobile device.

    LabelMyPix does not have annoying ads or distracting popups. LabelMyPix is an affordable app that easily pays for itself in time saved by not having to manually label and rename your photos. How's that for a Return On Investment?

    Try it for free!
    Download and install LabelMyPix today and take 10 photos before you purchase. After 10 photos, you'll be presented with an In-App Purchase opportunity. Once you complete the in-app purchase process, the 10 photo limit will be removed.

    Stop spending your valuable time manually labeling and renaming your photos! Get LabelMyPix today.
  • Features

    LabelMyPix is designed with the business user in mind. Minimal setup is required, so you can take a large amount of photos in a short amount of time, while fully categorizing them with or without a label on the photo. A custom label is automatically added to the end of a standard date-time format filename. You can then immediately download or share the photos with your team or customers.
    • Label Prefix

      Allows the user to enter a custom label name, which is optional to display on the photo but is used in the filename. The label can also be moved around on the photo.
    • Label Suffix

      Allows the user to optionally add a suffix to the label. The suffix automatically numbers each photo in increments from 001 to 999.
    • Label at (beginning or end)

      Allows the user to place the Label Prefix at the beginning or end of the filename.
    • Add Suffix

      Allows the user the option to add 001 to 999 to the end of the Label Prefix.
    • Add Photo Label

      Allows the user the option whether they wish to have the label on the photo. If the feature is turned off the filename is still automatically named.
    • Crop Photo

      Crop the photo to show closer detail and to remove any unwanted background area.
    • Arrow

      Add a red arrow to point to an item of detail.
    • Invert Label Text

      Switch the background and text color between black and white for clearer viewing on different photos.
    • Retry Photo

      Discard the current photo and retake with the same label information.
    • Close

      Close the current screen and return to the Setup menu. This will prompt you to save the photo.
    • Next

      Automatically save the current photo and return to the Camera to take the next photo. Adds the appropriate increment to the label suffix if the Add Suffix option is selected.


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